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Business Process Management

Business process change—at the speed of business.

KANA Business Process Management (BPM) reduces complexity and gives you the power to change processes in real time. Visual design tools enable business users to create user interfaces, agent workflows and customer experiences, linking them directly to underlying service processes without coding. As you measure and test outcomes, you can rapidly adjust processes to keep service operations fine-tuned for optimal customer experiences.

Harness the complexity of your IT infrastructure

Getting silos of data and processes to work together is a top organizational priority and a major challenge. Your portfolio of systems has grown over time, either organically or through M&A activity. This growth can hamper your ability to keep up with business requirements and deliver responsive service. Frequent product launches, changing regulations and customer needs further add to complexity, but also to the urgency of aligning, automating and optimizing processes. KANA BPM takes that as a given and provides you with an accessible environment for rapid and continuous process improvement.

With KANA BPM you get visibility and business-level control of your end-to-end processes and the customer experience. You can monitor performance, identify gaps, and adjust and optimize processes in real time. Business rules and decision making can be implemented across integrated channels, which not only makes process change much more efficient and manageable, but also brings consistency to the customer experience of your brand. KANA BPM design and analysis tools help you streamline your service operations and keep a clear eye on process outcomes.

Dynamic workflows and customer experiences

Static processes no longer cut it—not for agents helping customers and not for customers using self-service on your website. KANA BPM enables you to design and deploy dynamic workflows and customer experiences. Using point-and-click tools, you can design processes that kick off other processes within them and enable users to switch between paths and contexts seamlessly. Workflows become more efficient and customer interactions are targeted to the specifics of a case or individual as it unfolds, and as it changes.

SOA Flexibility

KANA BPM leverages Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to bring much-needed agility to the front office for adapting processes to changing business requirements. It provides a clear design process that promotes commonality and reusable components for faster implementation across lines of business, siloed data and departments.