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Agent Experience

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Improve service by empowering agents.

KANA software solutions integrate service channels so they are easy to navigate and provide agents with information in the proper context and place in the process where they need it.

Transform your contact center into a multichannel hub—a place where customers can get the help and information they need quickly and where agents can focus on enhancing your brand. 

KANA Enterprise Agent Experience

Agent Experience Solutions

Agent Desktop

KANA Enterprise provides one place for all your agent tools—a desktop where customer context and business process drive knowledge and answers, where channels are integrated and agents have a complete view of the customer. Let your agents focus on providing good service, not on navigating their service tools.

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Email Management

KANA Enterprise Email Management can be deeply integrated with knowledge sources and with channels, such as social media, enabling agents to engage customers and resolve issues better and faster.

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge sources are brought together and deeply knit with the service processes. Rather than search siloed information, agents have targeted access to your knowledge ecosystem from every channel. Helps agents reach the best answer in the shortest time possible.

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Case Management

Supercharge agents to handle any case with confidence. KANA Enterprise Case Management guides agents through service processes, yet allows them to maneuver seamlessly between tasks for more-efficient and intuitive interactions.

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Outbound Calling Campaigns

Successful outbound calling campaigns must be timely, efficient and require accurate targeting. Empower your sales and marketing teams with the tools that enable them to design, create and execute successful outbound campaigns. The tools also ensure effective management, tracking and monitoring of your campaigns.

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Live Chat

Customers can initiate sessions, as can you. Metrics, such as customer value or duration on a page, can help you determine when and where your help is most needed—and most profitable. Help your customers complete their transactions at the most critical junctures and reduce transaction abandonment in the process.

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With KANA Enterprise Co-Browse, your agents can walk your customers through any online problem—right to resolution. By browsing the same screen with agents, customers get hands-on assistance in real time and you get real-time results.

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CTI, IVR and ACD Adaptors

Desktop integration of your CTI system. KANA Enterprise CTI adaptors come with screen pops and automated dialing, and enable skill-based routing and queuing to keep call-handling running smoothly. Out-of-the-box connectivity for a wide range of CTI systems—or have our professional services assist you using published APIs.

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Guided Scripting

KANA Guided Scripting tools make it easy to publish scripts and deploy agent workflows across interaction channels. Monitor script-performance in real time. Adapt scripts to keep Average Handling Time to a minimum—or to reach other service goals. Deploy. Monitor. And repeat.

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Whitemail Management

Reduce the time it takes to record customer contacts in traditional and offline channels, such as fax, letter mail and customer visits to the service desk. Easily link them to the customer profile for a unified view of the customer that promotes efficient, consistent service across channels.

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