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Bridge the online/offline service gap with KANA Enterprise Live Chat.

Customers appreciate the speed and convenience of self-service on the websites of their favorite brands. If they run into difficulty, however, they're inclined to just give up on your online services — or on you. With KANA Enterprise Live Chat, your agents can service customers when they need it the most — in real time.

Live Chat keeps customers coming back

A full online shopping cart should never be abandoned simply due to a navigational hiccup or a question about an item or, for example, a return policy! Live Chat enables customers to reach out to agents, and agents to reach out proactively to assist customers. Service reps can answer questions, share URLs and documents directly from the knowledge base to guide customers efficiently from stumbling block to "mission accomplished."

Live Chat increases agent efficiency

Agents can manage multiple live chat sessions at once, aided by scripted responses and easy tracking of progress — completed steps and next steps — for each individual chat. Reps can also tap each other for expertise using chat and pass the complete customer-to-agent session transcript on to a co-worker who may know more about a specific issue.

Step into the customer experience at critical junctures

The KANA Enterprise Live Chat application alerts agents to customer problems, automatically queuing and routing issues to the relevant individuals and departments, such as sales or technical support.

KANA Enterprise Smart Engagement allows you to route chats based on visitor segments and criteria, such as agent availability, shopping cart value or transaction history. By connecting your agents in the contact center to your online customers when service needs arise — and when it's most profitable to do so — you can maximize your resources and the value chat brings to your business.

Efficient. Compliant. Secure.

KANA Enterprise Live Chat enables chat inside the corporate environment of your website. Live Chat windows are easily configurable to the look and feel of your brand. And pre-defined, scripted responses, with a spell checker and profanity blocker, make help sessions efficient and professional. Customers who need help, get help, straightaway — no client downloads or plug-ins necessary.

Built-in security, such as SSL encryption, keeps sensitive data private to protect users and ensure compliance with PCI requirements. Supervisors can silently monitor chat sessions in real time to make sure the quality of your customer service is kept high. Live Chat helps managers meet their service metrics with big picture insights on agent group performance as well as session details — right down to participants, session duration and full transcripts.

Architected for flexible implementation and fast results

KANA Enterprise Live Chat can be hosted, deployed on premises or in the cloud — whichever best meets your needs and budget requirements. A single installation of Live Chat can support users across multiple departments, centralizing administration to reduce total cost of ownership. Business rules, scripts and visual branding of user interfaces can be applied to individual user groups as needed.

And, as part of the KANA Enterprise platform, Live Chat integrates with your other apps and enterprise data so that agents have easy access to all the resources they need during the service interaction. Agents can easily launch customer cases during chats, just as they can do for customers contacting you on the phone or by email.