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KANA Enterprise Dynamic Case Management

KANA Enterprise Dynamic Case Management's capabilities allow your agents to process cases in the most efficient and accurate manner. Contextual knowledge dynamically presents information based on the case subject, and by launching an Experience Flow, agents are guided step by step through the optimal case process, moving backward and forward, changing processes as needed.

KANA Enterprise Social Listen & Respond

With the massive volume of conversations in social media, it is virtually impossible to manually weed out the important conversations. In this video, see how KANA Enterprise Social Listen and Respond solution allows you to find these important messages, and escalate them to agents. Agents will be able to intelligently respond to messages by leveraging knowledge, data, and process.

KANA Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

See various examples of Reporting, Analytics, and Dashboards in the KANA Enterprise Platform. Administrators and supervisors can easily monitor all aspects of the system, from search and knowledge usage, authoring productivity, case creation, top processes, and chat efficiency.

KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management

In this video, see why KANA is the recognized leader in Knowledge Management. KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management maximizes agent effectiveness by providing access to knowledge through intelligent search and browse, contextual filters, and troubleshooting processes. Maximize handle time and agent efficiency though CRM Integration. Easily access knowledge from a variety of sources, and suggest changes as needed.

KANA Enterprise Knowledge-Infused Process

Knowledge is critical to every component of the service experience. In this video, see how KANA Enterprise's ability to provide Knowledge-Infused Process benefits both customers and agents by providing contextually relevant knowledge when and where it is needed.

KANA Enterprise Agile Personalization

In this demonstration, see how KANA Enterprise is able to personalize the online experience to the individual needs of a customer. By leveraging context, customers will be able to view personalized knowledge, alerts, search, and messaging. They will be able to communicate with you through personalized escalation options like secure messaging.

KANA Enterprise Agent Experience

Experience KANA Enterprise from an Agent's perspective.

KANA Enterprise Web Experience

The key to positive Web self-service is personalization. See how the KANA Enterprise Web Experience is a win-win for companies and customers. It combines knowledge management, case management and process management to meet customers’ insatiable demands for doing more online while helping you drive down the overall cost of great customer service. Context makes it personal. Consistency makes it effective. You make it a positive experience.

KANA Express Web Experience

Offering customers a good web self service experience is critical to any organization's customer service strategy. KANA Express Web Experience allows customers to easily resolve their own queries whether they are shopping, looking for information or seeking assistance.

KANA Express Agent Experience

Make every customer service agent your best agent. With KANA Express Agent Experience you can integrate all service channels into a single agent desktop, making it easy to navigate customer contacts received via phone, email, chat, letter and in person.

KANA Express Overview

Senior Director of Product Marketing Scott Hays introduces KANA Express to deliver better, more personal customer service across all channels.

LAGAN Enterprise Agent Desktop — Part 2

See how LAGAN Enterprise can be used to manage and end to end service experience in the Public Sector. KANA Enterprise Agent Desktop improves handling time and streamlines the route to resolution by guiding the agent through an integrated process combining Process, Data, and Knowledge.