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Email Management

High volume email. Low maintenance.

Business growing? Introducing new product lines? The volume of email hitting your contact center will spike but your average handling time doesn’t have to. KANA Email Management software solutions provide fast, intelligent handling of large volumes of email—designed to increase contact center productivity and scale easily with demand.

High volume Low maintenance.

Responsive service is good service

Don’t let large volumes of email slow down service or burden your contact center. With the right technology, email is a low-cost service channel that enables you to be more responsive to your customers and your contact center to be more efficient. Reassure customers with automated email confirmations and updates on the progress of their order or service inquiry—it’ll markedly reduce the number of avoidable service requests and enable a quick, consistent reply to customer concerns even when there are millions of them.

KANA technology reliably handles up to 10 million emails a month for one of the largest Internet retailers.

Rely on smart responses and easy handling

KANA Email Management software solutions do the job of evaluating the context, content and sentiment of inbound email to your contact center using sophisticated text-analysis, categorizing and efficiently routing email to the right department or agent-queue. The agent-response process is made easy by automatically suggesting the most likely answer to inquiries and providing scripted responses. Contact center agents are helped with pre-populated fields right in the email, recommended selections and a complete view of customer histories across channels. With KANA Email Management software, first-time resolution rates go up and so does contact center productivity.

By integrating Email Management with your knowledge base across information silos, you’re able to provide not just a good response but also the very best one every time—pulling from multiple resources, including external sources for comprehensive responses, smarter categories and rules.

Rules administration, routing and queue configuration are made easy with a single installation that enables customization for all your lines of business and cross-organizational service operations. Real-time learning gleaned from automated feedback drives process improvement to reduce or even eliminate manual rule re-configuration. You’re saving time and money, and improving service.

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