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Agent Desktop

Focus on service, not the service process.

With a unified Agent Desktop in place, your call center can focus on servicing your customers rather than on navigating contact center software and service processes—swiftly helping customers accomplish their goals and solve their issues. Customer satisfaction increases, while agent-training costs go down—right along with agent attrition.

Focus on Service, Not the Service Process.

Good agent experiences translate to good customer experiences

Call center agents employ multiple software applications, systems and databases to take care of business when customers call in. Each app has its own user interface and navigations so agents “alt-tab” and copy/paste between them, inviting error and introducing wait time into the service interaction.

By integrating your databases, service processes and communication channels with a single, unified desktop for customer service, agents can access all the information they need without having to spend time browsing and searching for it. KANA Agent Desktop software solutions for the contact center do the work of following step-by-step processes -- providing relevant information and options dynamically to agents based on selections made and the context of the service interaction.

That means any agent whether they are a trainee or a seasoned expert can help customers resolve issues quickly. First-time resolution rates go up. With fewer return calls as a result and lower costs per interaction, substantial savings can be achieved.

Agents want to do their job effectively—and with the right call center tools, they can. Finally able to focus on customers, both agents and customers have better experiences. Your service department wins in increased agent retention and in customer satisfaction, which ultimately translates to increased customer retention.

Complex service requests don’t follow well-defined processes, which also means you can’t easily train agents or code your applications to accommodate them. Rather than force a customer request or inquiry to fit rigid service processes, why not employ contact center software that adapts process to the context of a request?

Complete view. Full service

KANA Agent Desktop software solutions give agents the information and tools they need in one place. Systems, applications and data are conveniently accessible from a single user interface that dynamically guides agents through service interactions. A complete view of tasks includes a complete view of the individual customer—account history, previous purchases and preceding steps completed in the service inquiry, regardless of which channels were used. With all the relevant information in plain view, the best answer is easy to provide.

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